bedroom song

from by Harrison Lemke



Back home,
a guest in your old room.
It still keeps all its secrets,
only now, it keeps them from you.
Toy animal brigade
on the old shelf.
Kitschy pictures you didn't choose
that mean nothing to anyone else.

Pace and brush your teeth
in the old hall.
Mandala of photographs
on the old wall:
folks your parents knew —
nobody to you —
the dead in all their numbers.

Climb in bed and face the wall
the way you used to do
and mutter your prayers
as if by mistake.
Wink at the lamplight
under the door
that burns on forever,
forever, just in case
in case the end
should come.


from some advent songs, released November 8, 2017




Harrison Lemke Austin, Texas

tape-hiss symphonies to God

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