glenview estates

from by Harrison Lemke



You miss a turn-off, miss the mark:
everything looks different in the dark.
Take off your shoes on the threshold.
How it all shines! Cathedral gold

all the way up to the vaulted ceiling, too high
to be touched by human hands
still smelling of dirty dishwater
and aching from the day's demands.

In a felted old dress, you feel like a fool
in front of people you haven't seen since high school.
You would've thought you wouldn't care
but you see your ghost in the window and have to fix her hair.

And you wonder what it means that you can envy people
whose lives you'd surely hate.
Passing around blurry ultrasounds,
playgroups and the PTA.


from some advent songs, released November 8, 2017




Harrison Lemke Austin, Texas

tape-hiss symphonies to God

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